ژوئن 03, 2016


Georgian International Academy of Sciences

Business Administration Master's Program (MBA)

The program consists of three stages. At the first stage, the student takes core subjects. At the second stage, student chooses one of the three proposed specializations, and then takes any 5 subjects offered in this specialization. At the third stage, student completes Masters Thesis.

I Stage

15 Core Subjects
Economics for Managers
Statistics for Managers
Financial Accounting for Financial Decisions
Effective Business Communications and Correspondence
Business Modeling
Organizational Behavior
Systems & Operations Management
Corporate Finance
Marketing Management
Management Accounting & Control
Information Technology & Decision Strategy
Business research Methods
Strategic Management

II Stage - 5 elective subjects from any of the three specializations

Management Finance Marketing
Entrepreneurship Valuation of Financial Assets Consumer Behavior
Human Resource Management Financial Analysis and Loan Structuring Marketing Research
Project Management Global Portfolio Management Integrative Marketing Communication
Organizational Theory Advanced Corporate Finance Sales Management
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility The Financial System Channels of Distribution
Innovation & Change Management Financial Management of Multinational Financial Corporations Product Management
Logistic Financial Markets and Institutions Service Marketing
Leadership Investment Banking Strategic Marketing

III Stage - Masters Thesis